SixMiceLinux was created as backup build Mandriva Herpes — it's first version was 17.06 codenamed "Mika", that was released on June 9, 2017, was the fail, and was based on Kubuntu 14.04.5 LTS. Mandriva Herpes 17.06 has only 32-bit version. It was created by Marshix (Marshmallow in that time), that is founded DmitryVistix as Myshiva. The ISO of Mandriva Herpes 17.06 is still available on Yandex.Disk —

After creating Mandriva Herpes, there was failed attempts to create Mandriva Herpes 17.06.2 "Herpes", that was be based on Kubuntu 16.04.2, and Mandriva Herpes 17.08 "Quant" Limited Edition, that was be based on Debian 9.

To prevent the criticism, Mandriva Herpes was renamed to Ubuntu Herpes on August 2017. On August 30, 2017, there was created Ubuntu Herpes 17.08, but it wasn't published to Internet.

On October 2017, the Ubuntu Herpes was renamed to Mageia Herpes, because there was plans to create Mageia-based builds. But Mageia-based builds aren't was released.

On August 27, 2017, there was plans to create operating system named Krasnodar OS in 2018, but after the name is disappears.

On November 2017, Mageia Herpes again renames to Mika Ubunta. There was attempts to create the configured Xubuntu build, but they are was failed.

On December 2017, the operating system without name was renamed to Gerbil Linux and was planned to be based on OpenMandriva Lx. The first version of Gerbil Linux was planned to be released on August 2018, but plans was continued and Gerbil Linux doesn't was released on planned date. But the concept of Gerbil Linux was created on January 27, 2018. It was ugly, yeah?

The creating of builds was continued on February 11, 2018 — there was Ubuntu Herpes 17.08.1 released and it was based on Xubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, but it can't be installed, the installer was crashing. The support of Ubuntu Herpes 17.08.1 was ended on March 2018, it's ISO was removed from Internet on June 2018.

In the March 2018, there was Gerbilinai S created and was planned to be based on non-LTS versions of Kubuntu and Xubuntu.

On June 2018, Gerbil Linux was renamed to Gerbilinai Linux and was planned to be based on Manjaro Linux or Linux From Scratch, no longer on OpenMandriva Lx.

On September 2018, due to renaming Gerbilinai to SlSixSoft, Gerbilinae Linux was renamed to it's old name, Gerbil Linux.

In the November 2018, Gerbil Linux was renamed to Gerbillinae Linux to prevent litigation.

On December 30, 2018, Gerbillinae Linux was renamed to SixMiceLinux.

History of SixMiceLinux names.

1. Mandriva Herpes (June 2017-August 2017).
2. Ubuntu Herpes (August 2017-October 2017, February 2018).
3. Mageia Herpes (October 2017).
4. Mika Ubunta (November 2017).
5. Gerbil Linux (December 2017-June 2018, September 2018-November 2018).
6. Gerbilinai Linux (June 2018-September 2018).
7. Gerbillinae Linux (November 2018-December 2018).
8. SixMiceLinux (December 2018-).
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